Let’s work together

The following is a list of some of the talks, workshops and trainings that Rahul can offer your organization:


1. Change management

2. Strategy frameworks and OKRs

3. Product Management

4. Product Discovery fundamentals

5. Intro to Agility metrics

Workshops (most are 4 hours long):

1. Project Management fundamentals

2. Product Ownership fundamentals – this workshop is 1.5 days long with 3 different modules

3. Product Discovery fundamentals

4. Scrum fundamentals

5. Jira fundamentals

6. Kanban fundamentals

Not sure about which one would be appropriate for you? Leave us a message and let’s have a chat.

September 2020

Rahul being interviewed for Delivery Hero’s Tech blog.

August 2020

Rahul speaking about different aspects of Product Discovery on the Agile Uprising podcast.

June 2020

Rahul speaking at Agile HR on the synergy between Agile Coaches and Business Partners.

May 2020

Rahul chatting with Geoff Watts on Organic Agility and Change Management

April 2020

Rahul going on a video podcast interview in Dallas, TX to discuss the economics of working through a time of COVID-19 and how that affects daily life in the US and Germany, as well as the importance of using an Agile approach to the situation.

March 2020

Rahul giving an Intro to Agility Metrics talk at the Consistency office in Essen, Germany.

September 2019

Agile Atelier episode featured on Scrum.org

August 2019

Hear Rahul speak on Vasco Duarte‘s wildly popular Scrum Master Toolbox podcast through the following episodes:

Episode 1: Failure and the importance of being flexible as a Scrum Master

Episode 2: The danger of specialized Scrum teams

Episode 3: A new change management model by John Shook

Episode 4: Retrospective techniques and measure of success for a Scrum Master

Episode 5: The bad, good and great Product Owners

July 2019

Rahul giving a Project Management training at trivago headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany