Currently placing all speaking requests on hold until further notice to make time for client work and a book I am authoring: Coaching Agile: A guide for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters to build and scale their coach approach

December 2022

Rahul was interviewed for a website for fellow entrepreneurs and business owners on how it was to start Agile Atelier.

December 2021

Rahul speaking at the BAistanbul conference, on Impact-driven business analysis with KPI trees.

October 2021

Rahul speaking at the Agile Online Summit 2021, in the Enterprise and Scaled Agile track, on Coaching towards enterprise agility

October 2021

Rahul speaking on the topic of Building Business Agility through OKRs at a PXO Culture webinar.

September-October 2021

Rahul and Inanc hosting a three-part webinar series on:

September 2021

Rahul speaking on Vasco Duarte’s Scrum Master Toolbox podcast on A Scrum Master’s first 90 days

May 2021

Rahul giving a keynote talk and hosting a curated track on Product topics at the first Global Scrum Master Summit.

March 2021

Rahul being interviewed in a live webinar for PXO Culture on the topic of HR’s Role in Business Agility.

December 2020

Rahul sharing his thoughts about Delivery Hero’s Agile Playbook at the organization.

September 2020

Rahul being interviewed for Delivery Hero’s Tech blog.

August 2020

Rahul speaking about different aspects of Product Discovery on the Agile Uprising podcast.

June 2020

Rahul speaking at Agile HR on the synergy between Agile Coaches and Business Partners.

May 2020

Rahul chatting with Geoff Watts on Organic Agility and Change Management

April 2020

Rahul going on a video podcast interview in Dallas, TX to discuss the economics of working through a time of COVID-19 and how that affects daily life in the US and Germany, as well as the importance of using an Agile approach to the situation.

March 2020

Rahul giving an Intro to Agility Metrics talk at the Consistency office in Essen, Germany.

September 2019

Agile Atelier episode featured on

August 2019

Hear Rahul speak on Vasco Duarte‘s wildly popular Scrum Master Toolbox podcast through the following episodes:

Episode 1: Failure and the importance of being flexible as a Scrum Master

Episode 2: The danger of specialized Scrum teams

Episode 3: A new change management model by John Shook

Episode 4: Retrospective techniques and measure of success for a Scrum Master

Episode 5: The bad, good and great Product Owners