Icebergs and KPIs

When setting goals, regardless of the framework or method that you use, it’s usually a good idea to throw in some sorts of measurements, metrics, and/or indicators that help guide you to your goal and give you insights about whether you’re on the right track to have an impact at the higher flight level or… Continue reading Icebergs and KPIs

Problem-based roadmaps

Fixed-scope roadmaps are irrelevant in tech products because they try to bring certainty and predictability into an environment where the reality suggests something else. Rather than denying uncertainty, we should embrace it and adjust our planning process to reflect the reality of a complex environment that tech products exist in. Using a build-measure-learn approach, if… Continue reading Problem-based roadmaps

Agility in 5 minutes

When Delivery Hero’s CFO invited me to speak in his department’s all hands last week, I asked myself, “How can I explain the essence of agility in 5 minutes?” A good way to see if you’ve understood a concept is by explaining it to a child in as few words as possible. This task wasn’t… Continue reading Agility in 5 minutes

The Value/Fidelity Matrix

After sharing my thoughts on the topic of product discovery vs delivery and how that can fit in to the greater product strategy, I’d like to share a couple of important concepts for product delivery, which I chat to Jeff Patton about during one of the episodes. If you work in tech product you’ve probably… Continue reading The Value/Fidelity Matrix

OKRs and Dual Track Agility

After having inspirational back and forth conversations with Marty Cagan and Tim Herbig in the past couple of weeks, my mind started dwelling on the relationship between a framework like OKR and the operational functions of Dual Track Agile – discovery and delivery. Further inspiration was drawn from Teresa Torres’ Opportunity Solution tree. The following… Continue reading OKRs and Dual Track Agility