Below are some testimonials from individuals whom I have worked with:

Adnan Aslam | VP Engineering, Hunger Station
“Rahul supported teams by working directly with product and engineering leads, in planning, estimation, and workload management with the help of discovery practices. He helped us shape the initial OKR process in the company by guiding leaders to move away from an output-driven mindset to outcome-focused strategy.
Rahul coached us to focus more on customer value rather than detailed and time-taking capacity planning during OKRs cycles. He was also very helpful in providing guidance on changing the role of QA from quality assurance to quality coaching. Rahul is very good in identifying the root causes of problems, supported by his systems thinking approach.”

Benjamin Breuner | Product Lead, Delivery Hero
“Rahul really helped us to improve our sprint review process. Based on his support, we implemented a new sprint review that focused on outcomes, KPIs, and objectives. Both our dev team and leadership were much happier with this format.
Rahul also helped on the product side, advising on product discovery practices and methodologies which came at a very critical time as we were in the midst of a large product discovery process. We created a product discovery board in Miro based on Rahul’s suggestions that proved to be a valuable repository for key information throughout our process.
A lot of Rahul’s suggestions on making our practice more objective and KPI oriented was really helpful. We started having a sprint goal for each sprint which really helped the team rally around the big goals we’re achieving each sprint. We had a much better sprint review process. Generally, everyone felt more confident in our ability to discover, estimate, and review our work.”

Anna Maria Alongi | Admissions Manager, Spiced Academy
“Rahul’s workshop on Scrum Fundamentals is very well structured, fun and interactive! The exercises, breakout room activities and short breaks were perfect to keep everyone focused and interacting, even fully online. Rahul is a great public speaker & presenter as well- everything was understandable and clear. I like that he spoke slowly and left time for questions. I would highly recommend his workshop, for anyone trying to get an overview on Scrum/Agile Fundamentals.”

Olga Lavrenko | Career & Development Coach, Spiced Academy
“Rahul as a trainer gives space for questions and discussions, his workshop is highly interactive, and the content is tailored to the audience. Rahul is knowledgeable about how things work in practice, and provides good examples to illustrate his points. Rahul planned sufficient amount of time to answer our questions, so even if some of them were not part of the planned material, there was still a chance to get an answer. I enjoyed interactive format and practical examples given by Rahul.
I would recommend Scrum Fundamentals workshop to anyone who wants to get a thorough overview of the topic and understand better some practical implications.”

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