Agile Atelier

Episode 4: Collaboration and Relationships with Augusto Evangelisti

In this episode, I’ll be speaking to Augusto Evangelisti, a business Agility coach based in Ireland. I had a lot of fun recording this episode. Gus, as he likes to be called, is a fun and engaging speaker, who is extremely honest and down-to-earth about his philosophies and teachings. This episode’s topic is Collaboration and Relationships and we start off by talking about the different environments that people need in order to collaborate efficiently. Then we move on to the different ways individuals and teams collaborate with each other as well as different good and bad examples that Gus and I have both come across. Finally we talk about a few different types of relationships that exist and how to nurture and sustain them in a professional environment. You can follow Gus on twitter @augeva or visit his website at I hope you enjoy this episode and if you have any comments or questions, feel free to tweet to us @AgileAtelier

Episode 4: Collaboration and Relationships with Augusto Evangelisti

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