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Episode 19: Scaling Kanban with Dimitar Karaivanov

It’s a pleasure to bring you the first episode of 2020 – Scaling Kanban. Our guest today, Dimitar Karaivanov, is a Lean-thinker and a Kanban practitioner with background in the areas of software development and process improvement. He has more than 15 years of experience at companies like Johnson Controls, SAP and Software AG. He is also the founder and CEO of Kanbanize, an online Portfolio Kanban software for Lean Management, Kanban boards, flow analytics and automation.

In this episode, we’ll be talking about why scaling can be often needed in organizations, and what that looks like in practice, especially with Kanban teams. Dimitar and I also talk about the different roles that could exist, push vs pull systems, Dunbar number, personal agility, and the tooling landscape that currently exists in the industry. Finally, we wrap up the episode by talking about how strategy frameworks (with tools like GTM Hub), like OKRs, go into the practice of Scaling Kanban.

You can connect with Dimitar on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Episode 19: Scaling Kanban with Dimitar Karaivanov

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We should not play the ego game, admit what we don’t know, test everything, and be agile as people. That should be the foundation of every Agile course; not how to do Scrum or how to do Kanban.


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