Agile Atelier

Episode 40: Self-Managing Organizations with Karin Tenelius

Hi everyone and welcome to another episode on the Agile Atelier podcast. My guest today is Karin Tenelius on the topic of Self-Managing Organizations. Karin has been experimenting with employee-driven organizations and self-managing teams since the nineties.  While studying marketing in her twenties, Karin became interested in a leadership style that is not founded on hierarchical principles. She studied books by Ricardo Semler and became inspired by these ideas. Since then, she has gone on to implement these ideas into practice to help organizations become more self-managing. Karin is also the co-author of the book Moose Heads on the Table.

 We kick off the episode around the topic of what giving authority to teams looks like in practice. Given her vast experience, Karin does a great job of sharing stories and anecdotes from previous clients that she has worked with. She then goes on to share insights about how individuals can start to help their organizations be self-organized, the importance of starting by training and untraining the leaders, as well as creating principles based on the team’s local vernacular. Lastly, we wrap up this episode by chatting about how one can show the impact of self-organization in a company, and the importance of not mixing purpose with method. During our conversation, Karin had brought up Ricard Semler’s book Maverick and her company, Tuff Leadership. Karin is also hosting a free webinar in the upcoming month on the topic of self-management. You can get in touch with Karin through LinkedIn and her company page.

Episode 40: Self-Managing Organizations with Karin Tenelius

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It’s like oil in a machinery. You can’t really see the decision-making – it’s invisible but it happens all the time.


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