Problem-based roadmaps

Fixed-scope roadmaps are irrelevant in tech products because they try to bring certainty and predictability into an environment where the reality suggests something else. Rather than denying uncertainty, we should embrace it and adjust our planning process to reflect the reality of a complex environment that tech products exist in. Using a build-measure-learn approach, if… Continue reading Problem-based roadmaps

Agile Atelier

Episode 29: Agility and Planning with Jeff Patton

 Agile Atelier listeners! Welcome to another special episode today, where I talk to Jeff Patton on the different levels of planning seen in agile and non-agile environments. Jeff is most well-known for his book, User Story Mapping. He has designed and developed software for the past 20 years on a wide variety of projects from… Continue reading Episode 29: Agility and Planning with Jeff Patton