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Episode 6: Scrum Simplified with Akshita Joshi

Welcome to episode number 6. In this episode, I’ll be speaking to Akshita Joshi. Akshita is an agile trainer and coach who has seen agile in action at digital native companies like Facebook, where she spent a number of years pre and post IPO. Since then she has applied agile principles to more traditional companies in North America and Asia through her work with Bain & Company in their digital practice. Akshita is also skilled in design thinking, which she picked up while completing her MBA at Stanford University. She enjoys exploring the effective intersection between design thinking & agile.

In the previous podcast episodes, I had talked about specific aspects of working in Agile and Lean environments. Today’s topic is more general. However, it’s equally important especially for people who are not too familiar with what exactly Agile and Scrum mean. Think of this episode as a 45-minute sneak-peek into what Scrum is and how different practices in it could potentially benefit your team. If you are new to the topic, this episode will give you a starting point.

Episode 6: Scrum Simplified with Akshita Joshi

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