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Episode 7: Extreme Contracts and Agility as an Entrepreneuer with Jacopo Romei

Welcome to episode 7 of Agile Atelier. Today’s guest is Jacopo Romei, a freelance strategy consultant. Jacopo has written a few books: “Pro PHP Refactoring”, a TDD chapter in “PHP Best Practices” and “Extreme Contracts” in 2017, on contracts and negotiation in knowledge work. He also contributed to a couple of books written by Jurgen Appelo.

Jacopo is among the founders of ALE Agile Lean Europe network, PHP User Group Roma and Arduino User Group Roma. He has a sailing license because of the sea, a glider pilot license because of the sky and is an LSP facilitator certified by Lucio Margulis.

I’d like to thank our mutual friend Vasco Duarte for connecting the two of us. In this episode, we start off by talking about being value-driven rather than cost or time-driven. Jacopo advises on how to build your working environment around providing value rather than working X hours. We also chat about the 8 principles that Extreme contracts are based on. Extreme Contracts was partly inspired by Nassim Taleb and his some of his philosophies such as Antifragile thinking, Business Model Canvas, and Claudio Perroni’s Popcorn flow. Jacopo is a fountain of knowledge and we covered so many influential points that I didn’t want to end our conversation.

You can reach out to Jacopo at and sign up for his Extreme Contracts newsletter at

Episode 7: Extreme Contracts and Agility as an Entrepreneuer with Jacopo Romei

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