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Episode 8: Is XP the middle child of Agile? with Philippe Bourgau

I recently read a very well written blog post about using Domain driven design to determine whether teams should be set up in a feature or component-based teams. Philippe Bourgau, the author of the blog was kind enough to spare a few minutes and come on to talk to us about eXtreme Programming (XP) and how it compares to the better known Agile ways of working such as Scrum and Kanban. In this episode, we talk about what some XP values and principles are, how to use something like Event Storming, and how common practices such as TDD, Continuous refactoring, and Pair programming can benefits teams. Please enjoy.

You can read Philippe’s blog and contact him at

Episode 8 – Is XP the middle child of Agile? with Philippe Bourgau

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