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Episode 9: Experimentation and Popcorn Flow with Claudio Perrone

Welcome to episode 9 of the Agile Atelier podcast. Today’s guest is Claudio Perrone . Claudio is a well-known Lean & Agile management consultant, entrepreneur and startup strategist with over 20 years of commercial experience and a strong focus on leadership, agility and operational excellence. His journey in the Agile world started in 2001. And yet, as the CTO of one of the fastest growing companies in Ireland in 2005, the company lost $15Million in business. Claudio starts off by talking about his lessons learned as well as his consequent endeavor to find a method for ultra-rapid experimentation, which he calls PopcornFlow.

            In this episode, we discuss what Popcorn Flow is and how it can be used by others to validate a business model. We touch on examples for topics such as Antifragility, Lean Startup, Jobs-to-be-done theory, the A3 model and how a lot of it ties back to the core Agile values. This episode gave me a lot to follow-up and read-up on in order to fully understand it’s value.

              You can get in touch with Claudio by writing an email to him on his website and learn about the book, which he is working on at You can also tweet to Claudio @agilesensei.

Episode 9 : Experimentation and Popcorn Flow with Claudio Perrone

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Not all solutions solve problems and not all problems are worth solving.

Claudio perrone on the Agile Atelier podcast

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