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Episode 10: Zombie Scrum with Christiaan Verwijs

Welcome to Episode 10 of the Agile Atelier podcast, and today we’ll be talking about Zombie Scrum with the caped crusader who spends his time fighting it. Christiaan Verwijs, along with Barry Overeem, is one of the co-founders of The Liberators, an organization that aims to liberate individuals, teams, and organizations from de-humanizing and ineffective ways of organizing work by putting them in control of shaping their future. Christiaan is also a Professional Scrum Trainer at and I first heard about Christiaan through a Medium article, after reading which I became more and more interested in his work and the creative exercises that Christiaan uses when working with organizations.  

              We start this episode on a light note, by discussing the Christiaan’s background in software engineering and organisational psychology, which by the way is a great story by itself. We then move on to talking about what Zombie Scrum is and where the inspiration for it came from. While discussing Scrum, Christiaan takes us through topics such as celebrating failures, writing clear sprint goals, and creative techniques that teams can use such as the Future Present exercise. Finally, we chat a bit about the role of Agile Coaches and how teams can identify and prevent symptoms of Zombie Scrum. I really enjoyed this fun exchange of ideas and can’t wait to try some of the new techniques that I’ve learned about.

              You can get in touch with Christiaan on Twitter @chrisverwijs and learn more about his work at The Liberators.

Episode 10: Zombie Scrum with Christiaan Verwijs

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Celebrating success doesn’t have to be balloons and a big party. Celebrating success is also small things like grabbing a beer and snacks with your colleagues and talking about the sprint that had happened and the things we noticed.


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