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Episode 15: Understanding transformations with Elena Astilleros

Hello Agilists! Wow, what a privilege it was to have this extended conversation with Elena Astilleros on Transformations, mindset, leadership, and so many more things in between. Elena’s talent is to create the systems that support people and teams to show up in a way that fosters respect and collaboration. Her goal is to create a system that brings the most value and she loves to see the magic when that happens.

We kick off the episode by talking about the different types of transformations and the difference between transformation and change. Elena does an excellent job of weaving simple analogies and metaphors together to explain concepts that she has learned about and experienced.

We specifically get into Agile Transformations just after the half-way mark and discuss the importance of metrics, budgeting and mindset. In addition, we talk about lots of “soft skills” topics such as the importance of gut feeling and using an analogy of Cooks vs Chefs ( article) for different roles. This was a conversation that I didn’t want to end.

You can reach out Elena on her website, LinkedIn, or her YouTube channel, where she publishes short videos on different Agile topics. Elena has also published a booked called Invisible Leader where she talks about using different facilitation techniques in sessions so that time is spent more productively.

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Episode 15 – Understanding transformations with Elena Astilleros

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[When kicking off tranformations] start with clarity and enroll people around you as to why you’re going to do it, why it’s important and what success looks like.


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