Agile Atelier

Episode 14: Product Ownership with Kai Stevens

Welcome to yet another episode on the Agile Atelier podcast. In this episode, I chat with Kai Stevens, a product owner driven to build game-changing software products together with inspiring people. In the past years, Kai has worked with several development teams on challenging products. He has over a decade of experience in product ownership. Besides his work as a product owner he also runs his own company: The Product Owner Coach. The mission of The Product Owner Coach is to help other product owners grow further in this beautiful but challenging role.

              In this episode, we discuss the role of a Product Owner within an organization and in relation to other Scrum roles. We also look at some tools and techniques (such as the Scrum Product Owner Canvas by Joshua Partogi) that Kai believes are important for any Product Owner to know, what the difference is between a Product Owner and a Product Manager, and a little bit more about some anti-patterns that Kai has seen in his previous experiences. I really enjoyed this conversation with Kai, as a lot of the topics that were raised in our chat are things that you, as a listener, would probably notice in your organization’s Agile ways of working.

              You can learn more about Kai and his work here. If you’re a listener in continental Europe, Kai also has some Product Ownership workshops that you may be interested in attending.

Episode 14: Product Ownership with Kai Stevens

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Way too often, Product Owners are still lacking the strategic activities and focusing on the tactical or operational parts of their job too much. That happens because of layers in an organization [rather than value-driven decision-making].


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