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Episode 13: Evidence Based Management in Agile teams with Patricia Kong and Kurt Bittner

Welcome to episode 13 on the Agile Atelier podcast. Today’s topic is Evidence Based Management (EBM), a framework inspired by trainers and our guests for today, Patricia Kong and Kurt Bittner.

Patricia Kong is the Product Owner of the enterprise solutions program which includes the Nexus Framework, Evidence-Based Management, Scrum Studio and Scrum Development Kit. Patricia is a people advocate and fascinated by organizational behavior and misbehaviors. She emerged through the financial services industry and has led product development, product management and marketing for several early stage companies in the US and Europe.

Kurt Bittner has more than 30 years of experience delivering working software in short, feedback-driven cycles. He has helped  a wide variety of organizations adopt agile software delivery practices, including large banking, insurance, and manufacturing. His focus is on helping organizations build strong, self-organizing, high-performance teams that deliver solutions that customers love. He is the author of four books on software development-related topics, including The Nexus Framework for Scaling Scrum.

In this episode, we talk about how Evidence Based Management (EBM) is a framework for thinking about the problem and giving people mental tools about how to face the problem without mandatory rules, events or ceremonies. Kurt emphasizes that EBM starts off by defining what value means for an organization and their customers. We then look at the four measures of EBM (pictured below), discuss what the term value means and talk about what EBM is not. Admittedly, there were some technical difficulties in this episode which caused Kurt’s audio to be slightly unclear in some parts. Nevertheless, I found this conversation incredible valuable for myself, as I got a better understanding of what EBM is. I hope that it has the same effect for you.

You can connect with Kurt and Patricia on LinkedIn and tweet at them @pmoonk88 and @ksbittner with any questions. You can also visit for more resources related to Evidence Based Management.

Episode 13: Evidence Based Management in Agile teams with Patricia Kong and Kurt Bittner

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Agile is not about being more Agile. It’s about delivering more value to your customers. Evidence Based Management is a framework that helps you start that conversation.

Patricia Kong on the Agile Atelier podcast

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