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Episode 24: Agile HR with Natal Dank

This episode’s topic is Agile HR with our guest speaker Natal Dank. With the aim of disrupting HR for the good of humans, Natal combines her extensive background in HR, organizational development and workplace learning with innovative Agile practices, to offer a truly unique and transformative approach. She works hands-on with HR teams and leaders to help them embrace an agile mindset, revolutionize their results and guide Agile organizational transformation. Natal is the co-founder of the Agile HR Community, as well as chief HR Agillist at Southern Blue Consulting, and provides Agile HR training, certification and regular meetups across the globe.

We kick off this episode by discussing Natal’s background in HR and her introduction to agility. After clarifying what HR refers to in the context of this episode, we chat about how an agile mindset can help with things like performance and reward by shifting the operating model of HR. Natal shares examples of how design thinking has helped her on previous projects and discusses the importance of using the right language and defining a company culture, as well as how to tangibly do so. We wrap up the episode by touching on different measurements for different aspects of culture, the roles of Business Partners and Agile Coaches, and how to take advantage of online work in today’s  day and age.

During our chat, Natal had brought up the Ulrich model used in HR, Google’s Oxygen project, and a case study that she did on the operating model of HR shifting with the introduction of an agile mindset. You can connect with Natal on Twitter, the Agile HR website, her YouTube channel, and on LinkedIn.

Dave Ulrich HR model
Episode 24: Agile HR with Natal Dank

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[People benefit from] seeing culture as their product and constantly iterating that product of people experience… and that’s what you want to get to [with the help of agility].


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