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Episode 23: The Career of an Agile Coach with Jeff Gothelf

I am excited to bring you a round two episode (read about and listen to our first episode here) with Jeff Gothelf. Jeff is the author of the recently published Forever Employable, Lean UX , and Sense & Respond. He is also the co-founder of Sense & Respond Press, and a well-known public speaker, consultant and coach. Today we’ll be examining the career of an Agile Coach – something that doesn’t have a traditional path.

In this episode, we start by talking a little bit about the role of an Agile Coach, how they can bring value to an organization and how they can be assessed. We touch on the requirements of becoming an Agile Coach, pitfalls to avoid, and possible career progressions. Jeff also tells us a personal story on how he got started in the UX field and his thoughts on Agile certifications. We wrap up this episode by talking about remote work as a coach and how people can humanize their online interactions.

During this episode, Jeff showed us the first copy of his book, Forever Employable. You can connect with Jeff on Twitter at @jboogie and learn more about him at You can sign up for events that Jeff will be speaking at here and learn more about the books that he has authored here.

Image created by Dandy People
Episode 23: The Career of an Agile Coach with Jeff Gothelf

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Start to test the coaching skills you have before you have the job itself… What is the voice you want to build and how do you want to stand out?


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