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Episode 35: Open Space Agility with Daniel Mezick

Hi everyone and welcome to another episode on the Agile Atelier podcast. Today, I have the pleasure of chatting with Daniel Mezick about Open Space Agility. Daniel has coached executives and teams since 2006. He is also a ScrumAtScale Trainer, and an author and co-author of three books on organizational change: The Culture Game, The OpenSpace Agility Handbook, and Inviting Leadership. A frequent keynote speaker at industry conferences, his list of clients includes Adobe, SIEMENS Healthcare, Harvard, and dozens of smaller enterprises. Daniel teaches and coach executives in very specific ways to get real and lasting results quickly and predictably, by encouraging self-management at scale, rather than a specific framework or method.

We kick off this episode by chatting about what Open Space Agility (OSA) is, the different roles there are in OSA, and its nuances. Daniel shares concrete exercises that organizations can use to kick off a timeboxed OSA cycle, such as the authority circle. He then details the importance of engagement, invitation, and decision rights for employees in the work that they do, as well as how you can incorporate these key traits in your teams and organization. Lastly, we touch on the topic of rituals and how OSA is based on certain gamification principles.

Here’s some more information about the OSA diagram, some executive testimonial videos, and 8 Patterns of Open Business Agility. You can connect with Daniel on LinkedIn, Twitter, and his website.

Open Space Agility at a glance
Episode 35: Open Space Agility with Daniel Mezick

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Engagement is essential for healthy agile improvement… Give the folks at least the minimum amount of decision rights necessary to keep them in the game, because decisions are very engaging.


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