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Episode 34: Using OKRs to Shift from Features to Outcomes with Felipe Castro

Hi everyone and welcome to episode 34 on the Agile Atelier podcast. Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with Felipe Castro on the topic of Using OKRs to Shift from Features to Outcomes. Felipe Castro is an OKR Trainer who helps organizations transform how they set goals with the help of the OKR framework. He created the OKR Cycle, a simple method to avoid OKR’s most common pitfalls.

In this episode, Felipe and I chat about the difference between outcomes and activities, the importance of unlearning the output agile model, the Tinkerbell approach to OKRs, and how something like shared OKRs between areas can prevent siloed goal setting and planning. Felipe also gives us some tips for implementing OKRs, what are some anti-patterns you should watch out for, and the pre-requisites that need to be in place for an OKR implementation to be a success.

During this episode, Felipe brought up the book Unlearn, by Barry O’Reilly. You can connect with Felipe on LinkedIn, Twitter, and his website.

Episode 34: Using OKRs to Shift from Features to Outcomes with Felipe Castro

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OKRs is a means to an end – it’s just a tool. What you’re trying to achieve by adopting OKRs is changing the way you work. If you adopt OKRs and don’t change the way you work, [then] you’re kind of missing the point.


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